...beginnings of a site devoted to our families' history and genealogy, including the Gutman[n]s of Ansbach (Bavaria), and the Reitmanns originally from Galicia in Austrian Poland (now Ukraine).

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Peter and Friedl

Some family stories relating to my parents' WWII experiences...

A remarkable pictorial essay by my mother (Friedl Gutman ne Reitmann), consisting of 45 pages illustrating events in their lives from 1937 in Prague to 1950 in New York.

"Les Anges Gardiens" - a poem from the Swiss refugee camp in 1945...

Gutmann Family History & Genealogy

I've managed to acquire a considerable amount of genealogical data tracking the Gutmann lineage in Bavaria back to the early 18th century, which I've not yet had a chance to post here. (If you have access to you can look for the tree named "Descendants of Veiss Julius").

But I'm beginning to work on it, and you can read the remarkable story of Lazarus and Jette here, it's a one hundred sixty year old family and community drama worthy of a soap opera. 

Gerstle Family History & Genealogy

(My father Max [Peter] Gutmann's mother was born Hedwig Gerstle, part of a large extended family that have been documented in the Bavarian town of Ichenhausen since the late seventeenth century.)

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