The adventurous  trip to Sarlat in the Year of Our Lord 1942!











For the Sarladien autobus

You need to have a lot of things

For the wait, enough food and drink,

And pillows, blankets too.

But for the trip itself, in case it picks you up,

You need a sauf-conduite. [travel permit]











And in Sarlat you have to hurry

The clock always runs dangerously late.

And there's always the risk

That the bus will leave you behind today.



















And if it happens that half too many people are waiting

And finally it does arrive,

And passes by and waves nicely,

Then you'd like to become a little bird.














Gasmasks are not very fashionable,

And one forgets them easily, and gladly.

But if you happen to get to Sarlat,

Woe to you who doesn't have one.