The power is often out

because of the coal shortage.

The kerosene lamp

has become the symbol of our time.






Young Thomas is no fool

but his mouth is never still.

The stream of words keeps running on,

no lock nor bolt can slow him down





If you want to eat a lot, and well,

go to the countryside! Here, however,

everything thatís good for the stomach

we know of only from hearsay






There are few options for amusement,

so one's freed from the anxiety of choice.

Sundays you take a walk outside the city 


and feel especially  classy.







A birth is usually quite an event

and becomes almost symbolic here:

The expression of innocent will

is stronger than the automobilesí horsepower.






Night, black as coal, no light at all,

the very image of absolute nothingness.

That's why, when the chickens go to rest,

you also close your little eyes.






Trari, trara, the mail arrives,

from the uncle in America,

we open the package

and all our wishes are fulfilled.