If you’re still alive after the long wait,

And you've become an old man,

You get an interview.

You hardly believe it anymore, you’ve seen it all.


And so, with your gray hair,

You drag yourself to the consul, and, miracle!

Into your deaf ear with all his might

He screams, “My fellow, you've finally achieved it!


In a new and freshly oiled wheelchair

They roll you onto the ship, if it still exists,

And stretched out in a deckchair

You sail to your long-desired goal.


You’ve barely touched land

When you call out, because you're so moved,

"How happy am I that I can see,

After all, this land of liberty!"


You are at the end of your strength

And of all your vital juices,

And as you cry out you are struck dead,

Just as you have truly arrived.


In a big beautiful house

They exhibit your mummy,

And a very elegant sign

Hangs behind you, there on the wall:


"Look at him, how curious,

He came to us despite consular

And other trickery;

We will not forget him!

With his visa he may now stay

Without any problem

In our marvelous country

For which he yearned so burningly.

Yes, my dear ladies and gentlemen,

In all eternity, amen!”