Some stories...

"My Aunt Giselle".  Some thoughts evoked by the death of my aunt in 2002, the last of her generation of my family.

"Why do we do the things we do?"  An essay based on the events my father talks about in more detail in his account below ("26. August 1942").

"Avis Favorable".  Our friend, the writer Sylvie Pasche, wrote this account of my parents' wedding as told by my father - only their names are fictionalized.  Click here to see a page from my father's pocket planner for 1940 ("Heirat" means "wedding").  The story of their wedding is also related on pp. 14-15 of my mother's pictorial essay.

"1. September 1939.  Paris".  Translation of a handwritten German account by my father telling the story of his learning in Paris that the war had begun, and the start of his internment.  This story and the next one were written after the war, probably in France, before we emigrated to the U.S. in 1947.  (Deutsche Version

"26. August  1942.  Domme".  Another story of my father's, this one telling of his arrest in Vichy France.  (Deutsche Version)

     (Many thanks to our dear friends Lydia Popper and Eva Feist for transcribing and translating these last two stories!)

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