Someone gave me this good advice,

Get yourself to the consulate

And get registered in a book

So that they know you want to enter!


Two years’ is the normal wait,

They tell you – and it's not too much for you,

Because he who can wait that long

Will attain eternal bliss!


Collecting documents is the new game,

Because to get a visa you need many of them.

Again and again you keep inquiring -

But still it isn't your turn.


The years go by, the world erupts in flames,

You really want to get to the promised land!

And finally one day, as from the mouths of angels you hear:

“Now you need to bring just one more guarantee!”.


It’s barely arrived

As you run to the consul totally numb,

“But, my dear man”, says he, “first of all you need

The visa de sortie”.


And when you’ve gotten this

You think you’ve jumped the last hurdle,

But no! because he still demands proof

That you have paid for your trip abroad.


After that, you think, nothing more can happen,

But the consul decides he has to telegraph,

So that when he grants the visa

The government has first approved it


The answer had been dispatched -

But the consul has received nothing.

And be that as it may,

The mountain of obstacles gets higher and higher.